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The half-day workshops take place on Thursday, 10 September 2015 (the day before the conference), starting either at 9 am in the morning or at 2 pm in the afternoon. Workshop tickets are NOT valid for the conference and must be purchased separately from the conference ticket.

Please note: The workshop location is not the same as the conference venue. The workshop venue (Google maps) is:

one by one
Zimmerstr. 79/80
10117 Berlin

MOBX 2015 Workshops

Workshop 1

Responsive Design Workflow (with Stephen Hay). Forget fixed-width Photoshop comps and overproduced wireframes. Yesterday’s web design deliverables fail to take into account the demands of responsive web design. Stephen will introduce a new workflow for today’s web. Read more …
9 am–1 pm

Workshop 2

Workshop 2: Responsive Patterns (with Brad Frost). Creating adaptive interfaces is challenging, but thankfully the Web community is hard at work creating flexible, downright innovative design patterns. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to handle anything you can put onto a Web interface in a responsive way. Read more …
2 pm–6 pm

Workshop 3

Workshop 3: UX Design for Tablets (with Christian Kuhn). Responsive Web Design alone is not enough to deliver the optimal UX for tablets and phablets. There are major differences between computers, smartphones and tablets, but RWD alone is not enough to address these differences. Read more …
9 am–1 pm

Workshop 4

Workshop 4: Prototyping App Animations (with Javier Cuello). Although until recently animations on UI were considered simply as a ’detail’, truth is that they are becoming more and more important everyday. Designers should, therefore, understand how animations and micro interactions can improve UX and make the app stand out from the rest. Read more …
2 pm–6 pm

Workshop 5

Workshop 5: Getting into your client’s head with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (with Julian Kea). Join this workshop to experience the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology for yourself! We will be exploring the role of UX in organizations, clients’ fears and ways to improve your projects. Learn what the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is about, how to „think with your hands“ and a whole lot more! Read more …
9 am–1 pm

Workshop 6

Workshop 6: Axure for Mobile (with Malte Lücken). Save time and effort when creating prototypes of websites and apps without coding. With Axure, you can build fast and efficient prototypes to visualize your product ideas and interaction concepts. Read more …
2 pm–6 pm

Workshop Tickets

Workshop tickets are sold separately from the conference tickets. Your conference ticket is for the conference only.

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